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Mayoi Neko Overrun!
Story: Mayoi Neko Overrun! is about a boy named Takumi who lived with his sister Otome. His sister just loves to help people, putting other's needs before her own. One day she finds Nozomi, an orphan out on the streets and takes her in. This is where the story starts out. Now Takumi has to run the bakery shop along with his childhood friend, which was also an orphan like him, Fumino. Then there is the rich girl Chise, who obviously has a crush on Takumi. The story/plot is really weak. There is no definite plot in this really short manga. However there is a lot of character reference, even appearance, from To-Love-Ru.

Art: The artwork is kind of nice. The characters are drawn rather nicely and there are some ecchi scenes. So if you are really into that, then this might work well for you. Beside that there really isn't much to read about, beside the fact there are many characters from To-Love-Ru that pops up.

Character: There is basically almost no character development, except maybe a little bit in Nozomi, but that would be it. Since it is really short, it gives the impression that the author thought of a story, but decided to stop in the middle and rush to a really quick ending.

Enjoyment: I thought it was alright, there were a few scenes that was kind of amusing, like how Nozomi constantly just says meow at critical moments, and how Chise has an obsession with breast size and is easily offended. But beside that there wasn't really much fun, or any well thought ideas putted into this manga. As stated before I felt like this was like a side project for the author, or he thought of a story line, but just couldn't bring himself to write anymore and just quit right there by making a sorry excuse for an ending. Sadly I would not recommend this manga, even though it is only 10 chapters. I suggest you sped your time somewhere else, but if you do want something similar to this like artwork wise, or scenario wise, I would suggest To-Love-Ru because it has more plot to it and can be seen that the author actually putted some thought into.

Ai Kora

Ok, my friend from Thailand was reading this waaayy back then like 3 years ago when I was 12, 13. At that time only the first few volumes came out I think. I saw him reading it and I read the first few chapters from him and thought it was pretty. However I couldn't remember the name so I spent like a whole hour trying to find it like a few days ago hahaha. Anyways this story was really good and I liked it. Every single chapter was worth it to a certain extent, though some just seem off-plot, but overall it was good. So I am telling you just give it a try, even if it seem like "what..." just go on. Don't just dropped it because the first chapter seem bad, read a few first then decide what you want to do.

Story 10:
Yeah it may seem crazy to say "whoa 10?!" But honestly the build up of the plot was good. It starts off with a part loving boy who go search for his lovely parts. Things build off from there quite nicely. He spent his days protecting and trying to make all the girls with his favorite parts all happy, until one day he realizes that parts isn't everything, which changes him. And the ending, you'll have to find out for yourself.

Art: 8.5-9
The artwork was really good, the characters did not have the generic anime styles. Each looked quite original, and there is a lot of funny seens.

Character: 10
Each character definitely had their own "development" chapter. Which is kind of what all harem type scenario chapters are, but this one has more, and the characters interact with each other pretty evenly. Unlike most harem like mangas where one can almost easily tell who the main guy will end up with.

Enjoyment: 10
Yes, 10 10 10. Well overall this manga was really fun and great. I loved it and every moment of it. I kind of like the sense of innocence it had to it which was really good. The comedy part was actually amusing, though there might be a dull chapter like 1 in 4 volumes, but overall its really entertaining. Took me 5 days to finish it, which was quite annoying because I had other things to do that got in my manga reading time.

Love Hina

Overall Score: 10
To be honest this manga was pretty amazing. The romance the comedy was just right and perfect. I really enjoyed it and every chapter was worth reading. The end was so sweet and cute too. This was a manga that my friend introduced to me like 4 years ago when I was 12 or 13 in Thailand. He was reading it and told me to read it. But I didn't get to read it till now. This manga was truly amazing and romantic. The character development was also quite amazingly well done. I loved it :D I am glad that I was able to read this great manga, so I'm telling you people out there, even if you think its boring just give it a shot. I loved it and I mean every single word I say. So enjoy this amazing manga!!!!! :D

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