Review for Animes


Overall Score: 10
This anime series is a really wonderful and well made one. The story goes on a nice pace, but before you know it the series is over with a nice happy ending. The story itself teaches us that all of us have problems and that through friendships and love for each other we can all accomplish our dreams. It starts off with Tomoya Okazaki a senior student that is definitely bored with life. No aspiration at all till he meets a girl name Nagisa Furukawa. She wants to start a drama club, a dream that she has, and he helps her seeing that he doesn't have anything to do. And things goes off from there. Also each episode is quite sweet and there are many humorous moments. Overall it is a great show, with many heart warming moments and you should try to watch it. The artwork is really great and all of the characters are well designed and their personality are quite great.


Overall Score: 10
This series was really well done. I really enjoyed it. It is the basic harem scenario 1 guy many girls (which to choose type) but what makes Shuffle! different in my opinion is the way they deliver it. The characters are really unique and there are many funny moments. The plot slowly build up and is pretty good. This anime is basically for those of you who enjoy a happy cheerful storyline with many humorous moments. Also it may seem like it is going slow but it is not. The plot builds up at a good pace, and the ending was great. Also one key thing I love about this anime is that it isn't like many harem situation where who the protagonist love can be predicted almost like right off the bat. You have to watch it, because it slowly creeps in almost unnoticeable. Which I really loved. Overall, just go watch it, give it a try, it really is a good anime. :D

Enjoyment: 10
-To be honest, I watched this anime because the scanlated manga only went to chapter 12 and I was impatient to wait for ch.13-ch.36.Then when I started to watch the anime I LOVED it, it was really touching. The story is nice and cute and with many humorous moment thrown into. The characters looked great, like the artwork I mean. Plus each of the girls had a really interesting character and not the generic one's like in many harem situation. For more details just read on.

Story: 10
-I really loved the story. I may sound like I am exaggerating but I think it really is good. Also the story does have a plot, and it is not like the typical harem situation where you know exactly from watching like the first 5 episode and know exactly who the main guy will end up with.